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Mountainside Drama Club

Mountainside holds weekly drama club meetings for students interested in the performing arts.  Details are as follows:

When:  Thursdays after school from 2:45-3:30 p.m.  Exceptions include dress rehearsals, auditions, show days and holidays.


Where:  Mountainside Black Box

Who:  Anyone interested in the performing arts.  Everyone is welcome and accepted.  We also have a Thespian Troupe, see below for details of Thespian Troupe membership requirements.  Our meetings are held simultaneously.   

Thespian Troupe 8602


International Thespian Society

The International Thespian Society was founded in 1929 as a way to honor student achievement in theatre.  They host yearly events and competitions to provide opportunities for students to showcase their talents and skills both in performance and technical stage craft.

The competitions include individual performance events and technical stage craft events.  The performance events include: monologue; duet acting; group acting; solo musical theatre, duet musical theatre; and group musical theatre.  

The technical stage craft events include:  costume construction, costume design, lighting design, scenic design, short film, sound design, stage management, and theatre marketing.

Thespian Troupe 8602

Mountainside joined International Thespian Society in Winter of 2017 and inducted its first members into Troupe 8602.  We are excited to grow our Troupe and get involved in the many opportunities offered by the International Thespian Society.  

To become a member, students need to earn 10 points, which equals 100 hours, by being involved in productions and drama club.  Mr. Goff can answer detailed questions about this, but the links below will be helpful in understanding how the system works and the requirements.  

The Thespian Troupe Handbook

The Thespian Point System

2020 NW Regional Acting Competition

Mark your calendars for February 1, 2020.  Mountainside will host the NW Regional Acting Competition.  We are excited for this event.  Details include:

When:  February 1, 2020, all day

Where:  Mountainside High School, Beaverton, Oregon


Thespian Fees - $10 per category of competition. 

Non-Thespian Fees - $12 per category of competition.  

Please see Mr. Goff for your permission forms, and please complete your payments to the bookkeeper at school.

Oregon State Thespian Conference

Mountainside will take its thespian students to participate in the State Thespian Conference in Salem, Oregon. Details coming soon:

When:  April 2-4, 2020

Where:  Salem, Oregon

Location:  Salem Convention Center and Historic Elsinore Theatre

Lodging:  The Grand Hotel, Salem

Cost:  Depends on enrollment cap #'s

Please fill out the forms below.

Beaverton School District Permission Form

Thespian Code of Conduct

Thespian Health Release Form

College Information!

Yeah, we are getting to the point where many of you are starting to think about what your life after high school is going to look like. There are likely many of you interested in studying theatre as a college major and are not sure where to start. Well here is the perfect place to start.

This link will take you to the EdTA college directory where you can search for every university in the U.S. that has a theatre program. Give your research a jump start here!

Also, come see Mr. Goff if you have any questions about where/how to start.

The Legacy Robe

The Legacy Robe is a long-standing Broadway tradition. On the opening night of every new Broadway show each season, the cast gathers onstage for this ceremony. 

The Legacy Robe is awarded to the ensemble member who has the most Broadway credits, and is an enormous honor to receive. Here at Mountainside, we have adapted the Robe to be a celebration of a different kind. 

Very early on, we discussed the type of characteristics that we all thought represented the very best of what a MHS Theatre student would be and came up with the following list:  Charisma, Kindness, Supportive, Dedication, Spirit, Open-Mindedness, and Humility. For each production, every member of the cast and crew anonymously votes for which member of the cast/crew they feel has been the best example of these characteristics throughout the production and that honored student receives the Legacy Robe.

The Robe also is given a small keepsake that is attached to the robe to represent each show. 


Regionals Timeline - 2020

This is the timeline for our day at the Regional Acting Competition. Please take a look!

Files coming soon.

Board Members


Welcome Board Members

Our 2019-20 Drama Club/Thespian Society Board Members are:

President: Mary Weathers

Vice-President: Danny Crampsey

Secretary:  Emma McGinn

Treasurer:  Avery McDowell

Historian:  Becca Wuehler

Clerk:  Katelyn Maloney

Contact Us

To learn more, contact Mr. Goff!

Mountainside Theatre Department

Mr. Kevin Goff

(503) 356-3500

12500 SW 175th Ave, Beaverton, Oregon 97007, United States